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Property Management

We Treat Your Property Like it's Our Own

Are you facing occupancy issues? Out-of-control expenses? Low NOI? It's time to talk to Towne.

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Our Approach is Simple

We Manage Every Community Like it's Our Own

We have one strategy for managing profitable communities: treat every community we manage like it's our own. Why? Because the key to increasing value is making your property a Great Place to Live.

Our Process

  1. Conduct a thorough due diligence process.
  2. Create an action plan to increase revenue and decrease expenses.
  3. Build an experienced on-site management team.
  4. Expertly manage renovation projects to reposition the property.
  5. Improve resident satisfaction while managing NOI expectations.
  6. Create annual property plans to continuously improve the community.

What We Offer

Increased Resident Satisfaction and NOI

When we step in to build relationships, take responsibility, and solve low occupancy and out of control expense challenges, you can expect your property rating to improve, resident satisfaction to rise, and NOI to increase.

  • Dedicated regional vice president
  • On-site staff trained by Towne University
  • CAMS or CAPS accredited property management staff
  • Access to full, in-house supper team including Training, Technology, Marketing, Accounting and Human Resources
  • Due diligence
  • Seamless transition from your current property management company
  • Internal renovation team that specialized in occupied renovations and value-add projects
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What We Offer

Increased Resident Satisfaction and NOI

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A Property Owner's Dream

Lakota Lake was a distressed property with potential, purchased for below market value at $9,000/unit. Over the course of seven years we employed a strategy of smart renovations and stellar property management to create long-term value for the owner.


Created short-term value allowing the owner to secure a permanent loan Recognized unleveraged cash flow with an increase in NOI Property value increased by 9X selling at $83,000/unit.

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Value-Add Renovations

A multi-family property was ready to embark on kitchen renovations to improve occupancy and increase monthly rental rates. Towne Properties renovation team completed the following renovations:

  • 192 units renovated
  • Each renovation took 1 day
  • Cabinets, lighting, backsplash, appliances, and countertops were replaced


We experienced a 46% increase in rent for one-bedroom units and a 38% increase for the two bedroom units.

Impossible Challenges Accepted

We are not your average property management company

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15,000+ Units Managed

Our portfolio includes A, B, and C properties.

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Luxury Properties

50% of our management portfolio is luxury, Class A properties.

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Long-Term Management

Success comes from implementing long-term management plans - our average property tenure is 7 years or more.

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Experience in 4 States

We manage properties in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and North Carolina..

Create Long-Term Value

Extensive experience repositioning and elevating B and C class properties through value-add renovations.

Best in Class Resident Satisfaction

Consistently recognized as a top management company for resident satisfaction.

Who Do We Work With?

Independent Property Owners

We are a great fit for property owners who own Class A, B, and C apartment communities with a minimum of 80 units per property or more.

Ownership Groups

Driven by NOI we help ownership groups make strategic decisions for their portfolio, maximizing long-term value.

Private Equity Funds

By managing properties with a focus on improving occupancy and managing costs, we help equity funds realize their full return for investors.

Real Estate Syndicators

We help syndicators realize return quickly on their investments while helping them identify new acquisition opportunities.

Dedicated to the Industry

Professional Affiliations and Awards

Contact Us

Property Management Consultation

Whether you currently own a property or you are in the process of purchasing one, we can meet to discuss your goals, review property financials, and even hep you through the due diligence process.