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Apartment homes available in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Northern Kentucky, Lexington, Louisville, and Raleigh, NC.

Management Services
Over a half-century of experience has built our reputation as the most professional property management firm in the states we serve.

We put people first—always—which is why when you choose Towne Properties, you get a level of trust and security you won’t find anywhere else.

Property Development
We are your favorite developer's favorite developer.

From transforming 900 acres of farmland into 28 suburban communities, to leading the renaissance of Downtown Cincinnati, to creating commercial and retail hubs; all of our developments have one thing in common -- Towne has created great communities by completing projects that others thought couldn’t be done.


Property Renovation
Honest People. Quality Work.

We are a team of honest, experienced straight-shooters who specialize in solving challenges on the fly. On-site teams love us because we deliver one-day renovations that improve resident satisfaction. Owners love us because we customize every job to their budget and NOI goals.


We Do the Right Thing - One Project at a Time.

We partner with developers and property owners to fulfill their property ownership goals; creating value through experience. We promise to use the highest-quality, modern materials to fit your budget and project vision without going over budget. Our mission is to help you create Great Places to Live, Work, Shop, & Play®.

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When you work here, you're family.

At Towne Properties, we are driven to create long-term value in the communities that we serve. If you are driven by being a great partner to clients and customers, then you'll love working at Towne.