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What our clients say about Towne Properties.

Our Condo Association has been managed by Towne Properties since 2005. Towne has kept our financial records in perfect condition, worked with our Board to keep the community looking well kept and well maintained. Many of our new members comment the reason they purchased at Hunters Glen is how nice our community is taken care. Towne is a great partner to have working for your community.

HOA Board President
Dayton, OH

Towne Properties has been Gloucester Sq's property manager for 5 years. Our assigned manager, Shannon Chapman, has expertly served the HOA Board and has become a trusted advisor. As a board member for the past 5 years I can personally attest to the quality and skills she and Towne property bring to us.

HOA Board President
Cincinnati, OH

Towne does it better than most.

Property Owner

(when making buying decision) I felt like Towne was more professional and had a stronger footprint in the market.

Property Owner
Columbus, OH