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Moving Toward the Future While Honoring Our Past

An Integrated Real Estate Company
Come Home to Towne

"Over the last sixty years, Towne has engaged in property development and management with the goal of creating better communities. We began with the transformation of Mt. Adams’ historic row houses into a revitalized neighborhood. Ever since then Towne Properties has been dedicated to building value through long-term ownership. This allows us to fulfill our mission of contributing to a better community by creating and managing Great Places to Live, Work, Shop, & Play®." - Adam Bortz, CEO

Fulfilling Our Misson
To Contribute to a Better Community by Profitably Creating, Marketing, and Managing Great Places to Live, Work, Shop, & Play®.

  • 12,000+ Apartments Managed in 4 States

    Managing Class A, B, C properties in Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Lexington, Louisville, and Raleigh, NC.

  • 160+ Developments over 60 Years

    Developments including 8,000 + apartments and over 3 million square feet office and retail.

  • 115,000+ HOA/COA Units Managed

    Managing HOAs/COAs in 6 districts.

  • 600,000+ Sq. Ft. of Commercial Property

    Over 80 tenants in retail, office, and restaurant spaces.

Industry Awards
Recognition by our colleagues, clients, and neighbors.

Our clients’ opinion of us is what matters most, but we still cherish the praise that comes from our industry and peers. We're proud to share that Towne Properties is frequently recognized as one of the preeminent businesses in the regions we serve.

Towne History
As told by Neil Bortz, Founder and Chairman

"In my second year at Harvard Business School I was planning to return to Procter & Gamble’s Advertising (Marketing) Department where I had worked for eight months prior to going to business school. With that in mind I bought a fixer-upper on Mt. Adams, then a declining neighborhood, which I nevertheless found charming, with the intention of “fixing” it up and walking to work.

That fall I took a class at the Harvard MIT Joint Center for Urban Studies led by Professor Lewis Mumford, an outstanding civic and architectural critic. Professor Mumford talked about what good planning and good architecture could do to enhance peoples’ lives. He was mesmerizing. After a while he invited me back to his office to talk further. Inspired by him I sold my junker and decided that somehow or other I was going to buy more houses on Mt. Adams and lead the renaissance of that hilltop village.

Upon graduating I worked for a local developer for year. During that time I bought a number of houses in Mt. Adams. On June 1, 1961 I left my job to start Towne Properties. Shortly thereafter I was joined by partners Lambert Agin and Marvin Rosenberg.

With Procter’s marketing strategy of filling an unmet need and the inspiration of Professor Mumford Towne to created great places, we turned five houses on St. Gregory Street into sixteen cutting-edge apartments for the young professional whose only other options were no better than dorm units. The result was the St. Gregory Row, which became our company’s logo.

Following our Mt. Adams success we took our approach to the suburbs. There through the mid ‘70’s we created a number of award-winning apartment communities. Thereafter we diversified creating not only suburban apartments but downtown apartments, downtown and suburban offices, shopping centers, condos, single-family houses, mixed-used projects, land development and recreational properties and in 1975 began managing properties for others. As we diversified, we stayed true to our mission of creating “Great Places to Live, Work, Shop and Play” always focused on the need to continue marketing our properties from the initial lease-up through our long-term holding. As our associates and portfolios grew, we also prided ourselves on becoming a “Great Place to Learn and Give Back.”

Today Towne Properties owns part and manages for others a portfolio of more than 12,000 apartments, 130,000 commercial and home-owners associations and over 600,000 sq. ft. of office space and two recreation properties. As we near our 60th anniversary, we are committed to do more of the same. When asked what the best project we ever did was, we say “the next one.”